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Inspector Norse

Inspector Norse 

(and the process of drinking and procrasti-researching)

the coffee: figs, everywhere. the punchiest, juiciest figs, the best i’ll ever have probably

the roaster: round hill roastery, the inspired man behind it, and the multi-sensory experience of drinking a coffee roasted to reflect the song

the music: by todd terje, a norwegian electronic musician

the inspiration for the song: the movie ‘whateverest’

When you trace coffees, you normally trace it down to the farm, the farming philosophy and such production line origins. Then again, most coffees aren’t sourced and roasted with such a multi-sensory approach in mind. Which is sad, but it makes the opportunity I had to taste and trace this all the more unique and satisfying. 

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You Found Me!: The most stereotypical fat activist EVER right here V









I love how if a thin person is offended by something or vents after being bullied for their weight, they get sincere sympathy…

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I woke in a gold dressyou in jeans.
Morning filledwine bottles
in the kitchenashine with
fine mica glitterof fish scales and salt.
It was quiet.
We coiled in scarvesoutside –
me sugar, you milk.
You said: That went well,don’t you think?
Sun behind you
I kissed the hole in the lightand said, Yes.
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Foreign Affair’s

"Ultimately, however, the most serious way to critique the Nobel Peace Prize is not to complain about the Nobel committee’s biases but to note the historical insignificance of so many of the prize’s winners. So many laureates, so many good intentions, so many theories and ideas about how peace can be made — and yet so little peace. As Nordlinger points out, Alfred Nobel’s will offered the committee the opportunity to abstain from awarding prizes in years in which no suitable recipients could be found. But the committee has rarely exercised that right. Perhaps in awarding peace prizes, less would be more."

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Words are important. Choice of words are important.

I really hate it when people use the term “lose” loosely.

Losing your virginity - perhaps that makes some sense. It gets hell of a lot worse when you have people (dipshits) saying “losing your first kiss”.

Firstly, the obvious conundrum: How the hell do you lose your first kiss?

More importantly though, the implications of the word “lose”. To lose your first kiss/virginity implies something taken away. It’s so empty. It implies that the kiss/virginity in question was meaningless, having just so been misplaced unfortunately but permanently. When you add in “losing it to ___” it sounds even worse, like he or she forcibly took it, and has obtained possession of it in a throw of dice. Like a game, and rather meaningless.

I prefer the term “give”. You’re given your first kiss. You’re giving your virginity. You are given someone’s something. There’s the connotation of a gift being bestowed or receiving a momentous experience, as such things should imply.

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